Digging Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any accommodation at the dig?


We do not provide any accommodation.  Usually there are B&Bs or hotels in the area close to our excavations.  See local tourist board information for details. 


I am still at school can I still attend?


We have a policy that young persons aged 16 and under must be accompanied by a fee-paying adult who will assume repsonsbility for the young person at all times whilst on site.  The charges apply to both child and adult.


What equipment do I need?


We supply all of the equipment that is required to dig on site.   Whilst we provide kneeling mats please feel free to bring your own for your personal comfort.  Sturdy shoes/boots are advisable and waterproof clothing in the event of bad weather. Remember archaeology is conducted outside in various weather conditions. Chairs are usually available on site for break times but some people prefer to bring their own foldable chairs.


Do I need to bring food and drink?


Yes, you will need to bring your own refreshments for the day.  The Participant's Charter that is sent to you on booking will advise if any facilities are nearby for you to purchase refreshments.


What days are you digging?


All list of the dates we are on site will be on the digging opportunities page.  We are normally on site from Sunday to Monday.


What happens in the event of bad weather?


We will continue to dig in light rain but if the weather is particularly poor we may make a decision to stop digging.  This also helps to preserve the archaeology.  If this happens we will continue to carry out tasks such as finds processing until the weather improves.  In the unlikely event that the weather precludes any activity on the day a refund will be made in accordance with the cancellation policy.  We will attempt to contact you as soon as possible if there is a likelihood of a cancellation. This is why we ask for a contact number when booking. If you are travelling a long distanmce to a dig we advise that you check the weather forecat carefully and check with us in advance if the dig is still proceeding.  In any event, we will make a decison the night before a dig about the weather based on the forecast and communicate any cancellation to the contact number you have provided.


Can I take photographs of the excavation?


Yes, but all images are the copyright of the project.  Permission is to be sought if they are to be used for anything other than personal use.


How do I pay?


In order to secure your place payment must be made in advance as places are limited.  When you reserve your place by email you will be sent further details of the site and helpful information to assist you in enjoying your experience along with details of how to pay by cheque or bank transfer.


What is the cancellation policy?


If you cancel your place within 14 days of the date of your attendance no refund will be made.  Cancellation between 14 and 28 days will incur a charge of half of the cost of your booking.  This is due to the limited number of places on a dig and the difficulties of finding replacements at short notice.  If we need to cancel the dig for whatever reason then a full refund will be offered or an alternative date to dig.

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