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We will be providing a number of digs throughout 2021.


      August 2021


Our next dig is planned for August and will be an Iron Age/Roman site near Slimbridge, Gloucestershire.  

Bookings for this site are now open.

The site has recently come to the attention through a programme of large area geophysical survey in the vicinity of Slimbridge.  Archeoscan were commissioned to do the survey following the discovery of many ancient artefacts in the local fields during a series of metal detecting rallies.  The geophysical surveys have identified a significant number of returns that suggest the presence of a large Iron Age and early Roman settlement.  A large volume of Roman coins and artefacts have been recovered in the vicinity by metal-detecting.


An evaluation excavation in 2020 identified large stone Roman buildings alongside possible Iron Age settlement.  Post excavation work on the pottery from the 2020 evaluation, supported by Radio-carbon dating of burning layers, dates the buildings from the early Roman to mid-3rd century AD period.  The landscape location of the buildings may be significantly located as they are on a spur of land projecting towards the River Severn.  They clearly have an association with the numerous finds of small objects (coins and brooches) made in neighbouring fields  Given the dating of the buildings, and their abandonment in the mid-3rd century AD, it is possible that the building complex is an early phase of the Roman development in this area.  It is equally possible that the building complex has an industrial, or storage function given its landscape setting.  One working theory is that the site is in the in the vicinity of a port/trading area and that the buildings on the spur of land at control/serve the port function.


We plan to place larger trenches than during our evaluation in 2020 to try and find out more about these buildings.


As at 18 July we have a limited number of places left on the following days


2nd,3rd, and 5th August

10th.11th,12th August

18th August

25th and 26th August


Cost for this dig is £35 per person per day


September 2021


We are also well advanced in our planning  to dig at a new site near Guiting Power, Gloucestershire in September.  This site is enigmatic.  It sits close to the Saxon area of the village and close to an early Saxo-Norman church. Aerial images indicate parch marks of possible large buildings, certainly ditched enclosures.  This is in part supported by the geophysics. However, we will not know what is there until we dig.  It is planned to conduct an initial evaluation on the site from mid-September.  More details will be forthcoming when we have added the final touches to the plans.

Cost for this dig will be £37.50 per person per day


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We are also working on bringing you some other exciting sites in the Cotswolds for 2022.


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