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We will be providing a number of digs throughout 2020.


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The digs for the first part of 2020


Roman Villa site at Doynton, South Gloucestershire - 14 to 30 April 2020 
In April, to start the year off, we will be returning to our long-standing Roman Villa site to investigate more of the environment that surrounds the main building.  The geophysics indicates a number of anomalies that may be other buildings close to the boundary ditches. We intend to investigate these to provide more detail to our site plan and establish more dating for earlier phases of the site.
Dates available for booking are:
14 to 16 April
19 to 23 April
27 to 30 April
Sherborne, Gloucestershire, Roman site and possible Medieval Church - 14 May to 04 June 2020
In 2019 we returned to this enigmatic site at Sherborne, Gloucestershire to continue our search for the Lost Medieval church and investigate the Roman  remains that we started to uncover on a previous dig. Last year we not only uncovered a second large Roman corn dryer but also the evidence of a well-appointed large Roman building with painted wall plaster. We also uncovered a mysterious wall that might be our lost church!  The dig in 2020 will further explore these remains to discover more about the Roman occupation of the village and establish whether our mystery wall is our long lost church.
Dates available for booking are:
17 to 21 May
24 to 28 May
31 May to 4 June
The lost 16th Century Wing of Ashton Court Mansion, Bristol, 21 June to 25 July 2020
In 2019 we started to dig for the lost wing of the Ashton Court mansion and uncovered substantial walls and floors of a large cellared building.  But there was a mystery.  The location of the remains did not match the maps and engravings of the wing.  So what have we uncovered?  We will be returning in 2020 to expose more of the buildings to try and establish their plan and resolve the discrepancy between the maps and the archaeology.
Dates available for booking are:
21 June
28 June
05 to 07 July
13 to 16 July
19 to 23 July

We are also working on bringing you some other exciting sites in the Cotswolds for later in 2020.


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