Archeoscan provides opportunities for public involvement in archaeology. Our most popular activity is giving people the chance to participate in an excavation at exciting sites in the Cotswolds area. We also assist communities in conducting geophysical surveys of sites of interest to them.  Equally, we visit schools and colleges in support of the national curriculum to provide hands-on experiences of archaeology



To date many people have enjoyed excavating on our sites.  These have included Roman villa sites, a possible new pottery kiln site and a possible port on the River Severn, and discovering a lost Medieval manor in the Cotswolds. Thank you to all who participated in the digs and contributed in so many ways. 



 2024 DIGS


Digs for the 2024 Season are in the final stages of planning

Details will appear on the digs page as soon as we finalise the dates

Sites will include

large Roman site at Slimbridge, Gloucestershire May/June/August

Medieval Manor at Guiting Power, GloucestershireJune /July

Other Roman sites TDB




To be placed on the mailing list contact us and you wil be one of the first to know of the new opportunities.

Winter Talk Series


A few places left - Limited places


It will soon be the Spring and thoughts will turn to the 2024 digging season.


We are planning a full season of digs throughout the year the details of which will be out soon.


In the meantime, we are pleased to announce the annual Winter lecture series that will help your archaeological fix during the colder months. Thank you if you have already booked and there are still places available if you have not.


We have planned a series of 7 talks that will be held on Zoom on Tuesday evenings starting at 1930 (half past 7).  


The talks are:


1.    Tuesday 13 February - Peter Davenport - (Re)Visiting the theatre: A Roman theatre At Bath?  It has long been assumed that a cult centre like Aquae Sulis would have a theatre and hints have been forthcoming. This lecture presents the evidence for the thesis that the remains of the theatre have long been known, but not recognised. Its relationship to the baths is discussed as well as its hypothesised position and size. Comparisons are made with examples in Britain and abroad and it is concluded that the design is fully Roman and urban.


2.    Tuesday 20 February - Tony Roberts, Archeoscan - The excavations at Slimbridge and Stancombe. Update on the latest excavations at the large Iron Age and Roman settlement at Slimbridge and the rediscovery of the 'lost' Roman villa at Stancombe Park. Gloucestershire.


3.    Tuesday 27 February - Tony Roberts, Archeoscan - Updates on the excavations at Guiting Power and Wickwar.  The latest updates on the excavations of a Medieval Manor at Guiting Power, Gloucestershire and a new Roman pottery kiln suite at Wickwar, South Gloucestershire.


4.   Tuesday 05 March Dr Stuart Prior, University of Bristol. Anarchy and rebellion in the West Country: investigating archaeological evidence for Civil War and unrest in the South West  Building upon recent excavations by University of Bristol, this talk will examine Anarchy, rebellion and Civil War in the West Country investigating archaeological evidence drawn from excavations at Royal Fort, Bristol, Hartygrove Brake, South Gloucestershire, and other buildings of the period will also be considered. 


5.    Tuesday 12 March Professor Ronald Hutton, University of Bristol - The Pagan Religions of Roman Britain. Ronald Hutton is the senior Professor of History in the University of Bristol, the Gresham Professor of Divinity at London, and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, the Society of Antiquaries, the Learned Society of Wales, and the British Academy. He has held a number of public posts and is currently a member of the Historic Estate Conservation Committee of Historic England and also the chair of the first national Blue Plaques Panel. He has published eighteen books and ninety-five essays on a wide range of subjects including British history between 1400 and 1700, ancient and modern paganism in Britain, the British ritual year, and Siberian shamanism.


6.    Tuesday 19 March  Tim Copeland - Romans in the Severn.  Author of 'Roman Gloucestershire' Tim will discuss the use and context of the River Severn throughout the Roman period. Tim has taught archaeology at the Universities of Bristol and Gloucestershire, He has excavated at Chedworth Roman villa , Kingscote and Claydon Pike.  He is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaires and has been the Chairman the Council of Europe's Cultural Heritage Expert Commitee.


7.    Tuesday 26 March Dr Susan Greaney, University of Exeter - New sites, new discoveries, new ideas: the last 10 years of research in the Stonehenge landscape.


The talks are now open for booking.  The cost is £35 for the whole series or £6 per lecture if booked individually.  If you cannot make the talks we are hoping to record the talks so you can view them later.


To book the talks please email  Confirmation of booking and payment details will be sent by return email.  


Please also email to be placed on the mailing list to hear about excavation opportunities in 2024.





Dig for day in 2024


Why not purchase a gift certificate for the Archaeologist in your life


Dig for a day  £40.00 (all equipment included)


Any multiple of days available


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Various projects open to members of the public

See the Excavation Opportunities page

Why not purchase a gift voucher for the budding archaeologist in your life

Dig for a day £40




We are able to facilitate geophysical surveys in your local area using our own geophysical equipment.  We specilaise in faciltating surveys for local communities and schools groups.


See our Geophysics and Services for Schools pages


          Other Services

We have provided our services for a number of TV documentaries most recently with the BBC and Tern TV

  See Latest News page

We can also facilitate earthwork surveys and fieldwalking in your local area

See Other Services page


Thanks for stopping by. Have a look around and get to know me. I welcome your thoughts, comments, tips or personal contact requests. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

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