Archeoscan provides opportunities for public involvement in archaeology. Our most popular activity is giving people the chance to participate in an excavation at exciting sites in the Cotswolds area. We also assist communities in conducting geophysical surveys of sites of interest to them.  Equally, we visit schools and colleges in support of the national curriculum to provide hands-on experiences of archaeology




In 2022 many people enjoyed excavating on two Roman sites, a possible new pottery kiln site and a possible port on the River Severn, and discovering a lost Medieval manor in the Cotswolds. Thank you to all who participated in the digs and contributed in so many ways. 


 2023 DIGS


Slimbridge, Gloucestershire (01 May to 05 June)

We will be returning to Slimbridge in Gloucestershire  You may recall that we conducted an initial evaluation on this site in 2020 and then a more extensive excavation in 2021 and 2022.  We uncovered evidence for a large Roman stone building with further evidence of underfloor heating and a possible bath suite.  This was all superimposed on a background of an Iron Age settlement.  This year we intend to carry on from where we left off last year and continue to explore the Roman

buildings on the site.


Bookings now open for this site see bookings page for available dates



Guiting Power, Gloucestershire (25 June to 20 July)


In 2023 we will continue at Guiting Power, Gloucestershire (near Bourton-on-the-Water) on selected dates in June/July.  We conducted an initial evaluation on this site in 2021, and a larger dig in 2022, and uncovered the remains of a Medieval manor and its associated outbuilding complex and we are returning to this site this year to conduct a larger scale excavation on the footprint of the main manor house building.


Other sites will also be available during the year


  More details and dates will apear on the on the excavation opportunities page when the programme is finalised.

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Dig for day in 2023


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Dig for a day  £40.00 (all equipment included)


Any multiple of days available


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Various projects open to members of the public

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Dig for a day £40




We are able to facilitate geophysical surveys in your local area using our own geophysical equipment.  We specilaise in faciltating surveys for local communities and schools groups.


See our Geophysics and Services for Schools pages


          Other Services

We have provided our services for a number of TV documentaries most recently with the BBC and Tern TV

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We can also facilitate earthwork surveys and fieldwalking in your local area

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